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Handbook Behavioral Medicine

ID: 807017 Category: Behavioral Medicine Date : Tuesday 20th August 2019 9:00:00 pm Type : E-book/ PDF / Article

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Title: Handbook of Behavioral Medicine: Methods and Applications 

Author(s):  Verity J. Cleland, Kylie Ball, David Crawford (auth.), A. Steptoe 

Publisher: Springer-Verlag  

Year: 2010           Edition:  1

Language:  English          Pages: 1074\1098

ISBN:  0387094873, 9780387094878, 9780387094885

ID: 807017

Category: Behavioral Medicine

Size: 8 MB     Extension:  pdf


Handbook of Behavioral Medicine Methods and Applications Andrew Steptoe, Editor

From assessment technologies to clinical trials, and from the biobehavioral to the psychosocial, behavioral medicine continues to diversify. This sophisticated understanding of health and illness, and its real-world applications, is taking on an increasingly global significance resulting in great advances on the diagnostic, prevention, and intervention fronts. At the same time, new public health concerns (e.g., obesity, stress) are driving the field in promising new directions. The Handbook of Behavioral Medicine surveys established and emerging investigative areas, plus their clinical and research applications, across the range of the discipline. Written by esteemed fellows of the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research, this comprehensive resource is designed for long-term practicality, reflecting the current evolution toward integrative, multidisciplinary medicine. Focusing on methodologies and applications across medical conditions rather than discrete symptoms and syndromes, the Handbook offers authoritative, innovative coverage in these core areas: